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Horn Charts 4 Less 

About The Service:                                                                     

This service was started to help musicians who cannot write their own arrangements or cannot afford to have arrangements written or simply do not have the time. We realize that the cost to have arrangements written (usually $75-200+) is a financial strain on your pocket book. So, we make them available to you for less. Our basic chart prices (not collections) have remained the same since we started over 10 years ago. None of the arrangements are written by us and we do not write or alter arrangements in anyway. The charts are written by different arrangers and we do not guarantee their accuracy. However, all of these charts are either being used by or have been used by working musicians all over the world. There are many organizations who are constantly trying to shut us down, we appreciate you being discreet.  However, we do appreciate you telling your musician friends who could benefit from our services.


What You’ll Find Here:

A huge selection of 2-6 horn arrangements of Old School R&B, Classic Rock, Rock & Roll, Pop and Soul of 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. Charts for all of the big horn groups are here like Tower Of Power, Chicago, Chase, Earth, Wind & Fire, Average White Band, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Ides of March and The Blues Brothers. We also have arrangements of current popular artists like Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, Cee Lo Green and Pharell Williams. Many "Swing" charts by groups like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and the Brian Setzer Orchestra are also available.  We have a large selection of Big Band and Jazz Standards for smaller ensembles as well. The songs of Sinatra, Darin, Sammy, Dean and Buble’ are all here, as well as a big selection of Elvis. We have horn arrangements of classic Country by artists like Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette and current artists too. A nice selection of arrangements for Brass Quintets and Sax Ensembles are also available. Notation software source files are available for many of the popular arrangements. Please see our section on Notation Source Files” below.

***Please note: Most of the arrangements are transcribed from the original or live recordings. However, some interpretations may vary in content and may also be in different keys. Feel free to check with us about keys before purchasing.


How They Are Sent:

The arrangements are sent as PDFs, which were either created from notation software (Encore, Sibelius, Finale) or scanned from handwritten arrangements and are delivered via email. Large quantities are sent by way of a large file provider.


All sales are final.  However, we will make every effort to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. We’re not trying to get rich, just trying to help. If we were about getting rich, we certainly wouldn’t be doing this.

PayPal Payments:

PayPal is the payment method that we accept and prefer. Just cut and paste the songs that you want and send to us in an email. We will send what your total cost is and a PayPal email address where to send the funds. Once PayPal releases the funds, we will send your charts out ASAP, usually within 24 hours. All PayPal payments must be in US Dollars (USD).


Notation Source Files:

We have notation software files available for many of the arrangements. This allows you to make changes as needed in the arrangement. If available, source files can be purchased for an additional fee of $10 USD each. Source files are not sold separately. You must buy the PDF arrangement first and then purchase the source files. Some notation files can be imported from one program to another. If source files are available for an arrangement, it will be marked with either E= Encore, S= Sibelius or F=Finale at the end of the song description or will be marked or highlighted in other sections. *Please note:  Most files can also be sent as XML files. 

***Important** When purchasing any arrangement from this list, you have agreed to pay all appropriate royalties or fees (if applicable) in accordance with the performance or recording of these arrangements. Purchase of any arrangement from this list, should in no way be considered a licensing fee.

We hope you’ll find what you want or need here. If not, please send us an email to with your request. We may have it in archived files, hard copies or other data sources. If not, we’ll check other outside resources we have available to us, for you. We receive new charts in all the time. Please feel free to email us for updated lists, questions or concerns. It’s our pleasure to work with you. Thanks for the interest!





**Note: Rhythm (R) means either a Rhythm Sheet, a part with changes or individual parts. Titles with an (R) are sold as “w/ Rhythm”unless stated otherwise.


Please refer to “The List” below for available titles in the categories.


R&B, Rock, Funk, Disco, Country  

$15ea.     w/ Rhythm $20ea.

Source Files $10ea.  E= Encore S= Sibelius F= Finale



$20ea.     w/ Rhythm $25ea. 

Source Files $10ea. E= Encore S= Sibelius F= Finale


"Elvis Medleys" in this section only- $15ea.  

Source files $10ea. E= Encore S= Sibelius F= Finale


Special "Elvis" Collection

$20ea. 3 or 6 horn. Includes all rhythm parts 

Source Files $10ea. Sibelius or XML only


"Elvis" Big Band Vocal Arrangements

$20ea. includes all rhythm parts 

Source Files $10ea. Sibelius or XML only


ChicagoTransit Authority Collection (Ask about pricing)

Includes all songs (except “Free Form Guitar”) from their groundbreaking Grammy winning debut double album, released in 1969. Parts for trumpet, tenor/alto, trombone, 4 rhythm and vocal.  No source files available                                                                           

IntroductionBeginnings, Questions 67 And 68, Listen, Poem 58, South California Purples,  I'm A Man,  Someday,  Liberation,  Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?                                                                                  


Chicago II Collection (Ask about pricing)

Includes all the songs from their 2nd studio album released in 1970. Parts for trumpet, tenor/alto, trombone, 4 rhythm and vocal. No source files available                                           

Movin’ In, The Road, Poem For The People, In The Country, Wake Up Sunshine, Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon( featuring Make Me Smile, Colour My World), Fancy Colours, 25 or 6 to 4, Memories Of Love, It Better End Soon, Where Do We Go From Here  


Chicago V Collection (Ask about pricing)

Includes all the songs from their first studio single album (everything prior was double) released in 1972, after “Live at Carnegie Hall”. Parts for trumpet, tenor/alto, trombone, 4 rhythm and vocal. No source files available                                          

A Hit By Varèse, All Is Well, Now That You've Gone, Dialogue (Part I&II), While The City Sleeps,

Saturday In The Park, State Of The Union, Goodbye, Alma Mater


Chase Collection (Bill Chase)

$65.00. The Songs Of Chase. 11 arrangements for 4 trumpets plus 4 rhythm. Handwritten only   No source files available   

Get It On, Hello Groceries, It Won't Be Long, Listen To Her Sing, Livin' In Heat, Night, Open Up Wide,

Run Back To Mama, So Many People, Woman Of The Dark, World Of Hate  


Steely Dan Collection

$200.00 ($160 savings) Sold individually $20ea.

18 arrangements which include 4 horns (trumpet, alto, tenor & trombone) plus rhythm sheet.  No source files available   

Babylon Sisters, Bad Sneakers, Black Cow, Deacon Blues, Dirty Work (Live version), Everything You Did, FM,

Godwhacker, Green Earrings, Hey Nineteen, Home At Last, Josie, Kid Charlamagne, Monkey in Your Soul,

My Old School, New Frontier (Donald Fagen), Peg, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number


Buckinghams Collection

$75.00 ($45 savings) Sold individually $20ea.

6 arrangements which include 3 horns (trumpet, tenor, trombone) plus basic rhythm sheet. No source files available      

Don't You Care, Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song), Mercy Mercy Mercy, Susan, Kind Of A Drag, I'll Go Crazy


Tower Of Power “Great American SoulBook” Collection

$75.00 ($25 savings) Sold individually $20 each

5 charts from the “Great American SoulBook” CD.  TOP’s arrangements of classic soul tunes that include 5 horns (2 trumpets, 2 tenors and baritone sax) plus alternate trombone & alto parts. Also includes basic rhythm sheet. These selections ride out like the recordings with no set endings.

No source files available

Me & Mrs. Jones, 634-5789, Loveland, You Met Your Match, Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel


Earth Wind & Fire Collection

$150.00 ($50 savings) Sold individually $20 each. 

Sibelius or XML files available for an additional $10 each 

A bundle of 10 of EWF’s greatest for either 3 or 6 horns with 4 rhythm parts and vocal sheet.

Boogie Wonderland, Fantasy (live), Got To Get You Into My Life, In The Stone, I’ve Had Enough, Let’s Groove, September, Shining Star, Sing A Song, That’s The Way Of The World (live)


60 Second Selections

$30.00 A collection of 12 one minute segments for break tunes, intros, etc.

Includes score plus parts for trumpets, trombone, bass trombone, alto, tenor, baritone saxes and charts for guitar, organ, bass and drums.

No source files available

25 or 6 to 4, Can't Turn You Loose, Dead Man's Party, Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? Get Ready,

Gimme Some Lovin’ , Good Lovin', Peter Gunn, Roll With It, Sissy Strut, Midnight Hour, Sgt. Pepper’s


PlayOn/Offs (70 in all) A collection of 8, 12 & 24 bar tunes for bringing guests on and off. 3horn- $125 / 4horn- $150 / 6horn- $175 Includes all rhythm parts.

Source Files $50 Sibelius or XML only


Pop & Rock 4 Horn Instrumentals

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts      

Source Files $10ea. Sibelius or XML only


Special "Sinatra" Collection

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts     

Source Files $10ea. Sibelius or XML only


Jazz / Pop Standards / Small Big Band

$15ea.  w/ Rhythm $20ea.

Source Files $10ea. E= Encore S= Sibelius F=Finale


Stan Kenton Sextet (Special Collection)

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts   No source files available


Stan Kenton Dectet (Special Collection)

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts   No source files available



Medleys  $10ea. All parts included. No source files available

Book of songs, $20 All parts included.  No source files available


Large Ensemble Instrumental Arrangements

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts     

Source Files $10ea. Sibelius or XML only


Rat Pack Collection (9 horns : 4 saxes, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts  No source files available


Big Band (some Big band vocal here)

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts   

Source Files $10ea. E= Encore S= Sibelius F=Finale


Big Band Vocal Arrangements

$20ea. Includes all rhythm parts  

Source Files $10ea. Sibelius or XML only


Brass Quintets

$10ea.  No source files available


Sax Ensembles

$10ea.  No source files available



Please refer to “The List” on next page for available titles in these categories.